Holdem poker online casino game

Holdem poker online casino game

Hold’em casino poker was introduced in 2000 by Stephen Au-Iin and has been very much in demand at real and online casinos ever since. EuroGrand Casino and a few other Playtech ventures have Live Casino Hold’em, in that customers play with real casinos. It is also being offered by other live casino studio holders.

Basic rules for playing Hold’em poker in a casino

Casino Hold’em is occasionally also referred to as Caribbean Hold’em Poker. This is no random occurrence, given that this game blends the rules of Texas Hold’em and Caribbean poker.

Here, a hand of two individual cards and five common cards is required, which is typical of Hold’em. Betting, though, is done according to the principles of Caribbean poker:

  • Initial bet (ante),
  • A positive wager (bet), which is double,
  • and the option to make an additional bonus bet.

All of the players have one opponent, the dealer, who plays on the casino’s behalf. To gamble in casino hold’em poker, a standard deck of 52 cards is used without a joker. All cards are reshuffled after each hand. Casino Hold’em tables have specific markings on them, but you can also use Caribbean poker marks.

Hold’em casino card combinationsHoldem poker online casino

The usual poker hand combinations played in casino hold’em are below in descending order of seniority:

  • Royal Flush, from a ten to an ace in one suit,
  • Straight Flush, five cards in one suit,
  • Four of a Kind – four cards of one suit,
  • Full house – is three cards of one suit and two cards of another suit (three plus a pair),
  • Flush – five cards of the same rank out of order,
  • Straight – five cards of different suits in order,
  • Three Good – three cards of the same rank,
  • Two Pairs – two cards of the same suit and two cards of a different suit,
  • Pair – two cards of the same rank,
  • High card – a card of the highest value.

The joker casino hold’em poker is not used, and none of the cards can perform its role. Comparing combinations in casino hold’em poker is based on the same principles as in Texas Hold’em poker.

Bets and payouts in casino hold’em poker

There are three types of bets in casino Hold’em Poker:

1. ante is the initial bet, without which the cards do not start the deal. Paid according to the odds table:

  • Royal Flush – 100:1,
  • Straight Flush – 20:1,
  • Four of a Kind – 10:1,
  • Full House – 3:1,
  • Flush – 2:1,
  • Straight Flush, 1-1,
  • Three Goods, one to one,
  • Two pair, one to one,
  • Pair, 1:1,
  • High card – 1:1.

2. Bet – a two ante bet, confirming the player’s intention to match his own combination with the dealer’s combination. Paid 1:1 if the player has a dealer’s game.

3. bonus (AA) – an extra bet that the player’s first five cards (the player’s two cards plus the flop) will have an ace pair or higher combination. This is only if Ante has a bet and it is paid out on a different odds table, even if the main bet loses. It pays out on a separate odds table:

  • Royal Flush – 100:1,
  • Straight flush 50:1,
  • Four of a Kind – 40:1,
  • Full House – 30:1,
  • Flush – 20:1,
  • Straight Flush – 7-1,
  • Three of a Kind, 7-1,
  • Two pair, 7-1,
  • Pair of Aces, 7-1.

Ante bets and bonus bets can be of different sizes. Usually the range of bonus bets is wider.

The way the game in a Hold’em poker casino

Casino Hold’em poker is a fast game in which all you have to do is place your bets and decide if you want to bet with confirmation or not.

  • The game starts with the player placing an ante bet. He can also place a bonus bet if he wishes.
  • The player and the dealer each get two so-called pocket cards. They are dealt in a closed form.
  • Then the dealer deals the flop – three regular cards, which he lays out in the center of the table. The player assesses the strength of the cards and decides to continue the game (for this you need to put two ante) or to give up the cards and lose the bet.
  • If the player bets, the dealer deals two more common cards.
  • All cards are dealt and the combinations are compared.

It is considered that the dealer has a game if he has collected a pair of quads or higher. Payouts are made according to the rules in the previous section on bets and odds.