Deuces Wild slot machine – the King of online video Poker games

Deuces Wild slot machine

Video Poker is a very popular hazardous pastime that combines both video slots and Poker. It’s generally accepted that this representative of gambling world is based on Jacks or Better, but there are many other interesting types of the game, available at online casinos. One of such variant is Deuces Wild slot machine that has its own charm thanks to the presence of 4 jokers, represented by four deuces. Well, the below given manual will allow the beginners getting the basics of the game and what tips and hints can be used to increase personal chances to win.

Gambling guide for Deuces Wild slot machine

Deuces Wild video Poker is played with a standard deck with 52 cards. There are no jokers, as four deuces play their role. 2s are a kind of wild symbols in video slots and can replace any card to create a better combination. This option allows gathering winning hands more often, but at the same time the odds become less.

Generally, the main principles of gambling can be described by means of several words. Every gambler receives 5 cards from the beginning of every round. Then, it’s necessary to decide how many cards to fold (if it’s needed) and to get the new cards instead of spotted ones. Then the final result is on the hands, and if there’s any of winning combination there, a gambler gets the winning. And here’s the main part of the game starts. Every fan of Deuces Wild video Poker should know what hands are payable and the below chart is to the rescue of the understanding of this part of rules.

  • Natural Royal Flush (without deuces) is the strongest hand in a Deuces Wild slot machine and can bring 800 coins to a winner.
  • Four Deuces make 200 chips of the profit.
  • Royal Flush with deuces has the payout at the value of 25 coins.
  • Five of a Kind brings 15 virtual dollars.
  • Straight Flush equals to 9 chips of the profit.
  • Four of a Kind has 5 coins of the payout.
  • Full House fills the pockets with 3 chinks.
  • Flush and Straight bring 2 chips.
  • Three of a Kind has 1 coin of the payout.

While playing Deuces Wild slot machine there’s no need to consider any other hand, like a dealer’s or opponents’ ones, as if any of the above mentioned combination is collected, the win is guaranteed.

The winning recommendations for Deuces Wild slot

There’s quite difficult to create an efficient winning strategy, playing video Poker, as the process is mostly based on luck and fortune, but, still, there are some recommendations, which can increase the chances to win in Deuces Wild slot machine.

  • If a player has 2, 3 or 4 deuces, it’s better to leave them all and to discard the rest of cards.
  • If there’s only one deuce on the hand, it’s better to stand 4 cards to Royal Flush or to Straight Flush. In all other cases, a player should keep only a deuce.
  • Keep 3 cards to Royal Flush.
  • Keep 4 cards to Straight Flush.
  • Always stand on 4 cards Flush.
  • Two Pair should always be kept, if the slot’s payout of Full House is the same as Four of a Kind has.
  • Always keep a Pair, but not if there’s just one card to Straight or to Flush.
  • Fold all 5 cards if there are no deuces or a Pair.

Well, using the above mentioned guide, every beginner can fill own pocket with some dollars or even break the bank.